Tips To Finding The Best Home Contractor In Phoenix For You

When it’s time to remodel, you want the best. And the best home contractor in Phoenix is Image Home Improvement. We are committed to providing you with timely estimates, high-quality work, and a lifetime of satisfaction with your remodel.

Home Contractor In Phoenix

Remodeling a home can be an intrusive process. At Image Home Improvement, we do our best to interrupt your family as little as possible so you can live your life while we improve your home. As the best home contractor in Phoenix, we specialize in room additions as well as kitchen and bath remodels. We can do a little work on a small project or a major overhaul of an entire room.

We are experts, so when we tell you what we will be doing, you can depend on our word. Image Home Improvement relies heavily on the satisfaction of our customers. If you aren’t happy, you won’t use us again, and you definitely won’t recommend us to your friends, family, and neighbors. To maintain our reputation as the best home contractor in Phoenix, we have to be better than good. We have to keep our word on times and costs, and we do!

Many people who remodel complain that they didn’t know what they were getting into. We never want that experience for our customers, so we take the time to explain the process, all your options, and what your experience will be. The choices are all yours—from the name of the contractor who gets your work to the color of the countertops. We want you to choose us now and in the future so we can have you as customers for life and so you can have the home you want.

Do’s & Don’ts Of A Bathroom Remodel In Phoenix

When updating your home with a bathroom remodel in Phoenix, there are certain do’s and don’ts that help keep us out of trouble. This trouble is time or money that can be wasted by overlooking a detail. For example, purchasing a television that is too big for the space you laid out. It is a simple step in the process of buying that can be skipped and make things easier for you. So, when you are reimagining your bathroom, be sure to keep the following in mind.

Bathroom Remodel In Phoenix

First, are the do’s of a bathroom remodel in Phoenix. Do make the bathroom layout representative of who it is for, you do want to choose appropriate surfaces, and you do want to provide adequate ventilation and plumbing. This means that when designing a bathroom for a child, you lower the sinks or provide a step stool. Choosing an appropriate surface means that you take both aesthetics and function into account. A flooring and counter that is easy to clean and durable are important for any bathroom in the home. Lastly, remodeling may mean moving around pipes and that can lead to a rather expensive change. Trying to keep the sink and toilet locations where they are may be worth it.

Now, for the dont’s of a bathroom remodel in Phoenix. You should not cut costs when it comes to faucets or other highly used objects that can be made cheap. Nor should you take on the full project if you don’t have the tools or guidance. Having someone that knows what they are doing is safer and easier than going for a major DIY project. And finally, do not forget to leave ample space for any storage for toilet paper, rags, towels, etc. So keep these do’s & dont’s in mind as you design your bathroom remodel in Phoenix!

Dreams Of A New Kitchen In Phoenix?

It is always a thrill when designing your new kitchen in Phoenix, but don’t get swept away without the help of Arizona’s home improvement experts. After all, we all spend so much time in the kitchen that it is important to get it right. So, when you close your eyes and imagine the perfect kitchen for you home, don’t think of what just could be. Bring that image into a reality when you remodel your kitchen today.

New Kitchen In Phoenix

Many times a change in the kitchen is done out of necessity, not desire. This is mostly because remodeling a kitchen is no small project. However, you can go for the most convenient route when you plan ahead with the experts. Everything from the floor to the counter. You want quality construction that you can depend on. When there is so much activity in the kitchen, damages are inevitable. Anything from dropping dishes to spills, the wear and tear of each day will leave its mark. But that doesn’t mean you can’t fight back and restore the new shine to your kitchen in Phoenix.

For example, it isn’t uncommon for dishes to drop, and cause some damage to your flooring. Well, that could go unfixed and eventually turn into a worse problem, or you can call and have your kitchen restored. Your dream kitchen is only limited to your budget and imagination. The services that are provided include: general remodeling, electrical, plumbing, interior and exterior painting, carpentry, dry wall, flooring, and more! All of these services come with a promise that your dream kitchen will be constructed in a professional, timely, and reliable manner. Finding competition that can match or exceed this kind of offer is near impossible. Next time you find yourself in need of work done on your kitchen in Phoenix, you know who to turn to.

Bringing Dreams To Life — Home Remodelers In Phoenix

Life is a fact paced and hectic experience for many. Work, family challenges, financial demands, and constant changes force us all to adapt, and can make it difficult to focus on our real goals and true desires. When people are given the chance to pause, relax, and think about what is most important, many focus on family and friends and creating good memories for those they love. Now, think back to the good memories of your youth. Many of these good memories will have to do with places visited, important moments, and home. Home is often the central place for most memories. This makes perfect sense when you think about how much time people spend in their homes, especially when you are young. Home remodelers in Phoenix can help you create the atmosphere in your home that you dream of.

Home Remodelers In Phoenix

Generally, each day begins and ends at home. Home becomes the core place we recover from the struggles of life and the exhaustion that comes from hard work, schooling, and normal stresses. So it makes sense that creating an environment that nurtures the soul of those that reside there is important. Our nostalgic memories are made up of smells, shapes, and feelings. The design of a home has very much to do with how we feel and what becomes meaningful to us much later in life. Creating a home that is both functional and beautiful can wash away the day’s stress and allow healing and relaxation for those that live there and home remodelers in Phoenix can help.

Every so often it is time to update your home. Styles, trends, cost of upgrading change and every so often you know it is time to make certain updates to your home. These can be small or the dream upgrades you have been saving up for for years. Home remodelers in Phoenix want your business and can help make your home upgrade dreams come true. Never before have there been so many options for home improvement and remodeling than there are right now. And, these options have never been more affordable.

If you have a home remodeling dream for your house, or if you know there is a better way to have your house set up to create the feel and memories you want for your loved ones, today is a great time to look into remodeling your home. Home remodelers in Phoenix are talented and can take your dream for your house and bring it to life today.

Eco-Friendly Home Improvement In Phoenix

When it comes to updating and remodeling homes, one of the hottest things people want to do is make their property more eco friendly. Eco-friendly means using goods, strategies, and ideas that are not harmful to the environment. Many people doing home improvement in Phoenix want to make improvements that are eco-friendly and, thus, more sustainable and safer for the world we live in. Often these improvements focus on conserving electricity, water, or making a dwelling more resistant to heat and cold.

Eco-Friendly Home Improvement In Phoenix Choices

The list of improvements you can make to your house often seems never ending. Homes become outdated, new technology emerges, and you are left wondering where to start. If you decided that you wanted to conserve more electricity, you could start your home improvement in Phoenix by switching out your old energy guzzling incandescent bulbs for some long lasting LED lighting. Better yet might be changing up your lighting configuration or home walls to allow more outdoor free lighting in. Or perhaps, it is time to update the wall and ceiling paint to a color that better reflects the light where you need it. There are a number of simple things that can improve the feel and save you electricity.

Phoenix is a vast and beautiful desert and while it is teeming with unique types of life, they, and we, all rely on the same limited water to live here. Recent advances allow us to maintain our lifestyle while using much less water. You might think about beginning your home improvement in Phoenix with a bathroom remodel. New toilets flush effectively while using much less water, in fact, a new low volume flush toilet is one of the best ways to conserve gallons and gallons of water. The nice thing about conservation is it cuts your bills down while making the world a better place all at the same time.

Phoenix is often a land of extremes, sometimes that extreme is the heat. Additional insulation in the correct parts of your home can vastly affect how much it costs to heat or cool your place. Diagnosing how well your house maintains temperature can be easily done with the help of a professional and again can save you thousands over the lifetime of your house. There are a multitude of things you can do to make your dwelling more eco-friendly. Starting home improvement in Phoenix can be a big headache, but with the right help, it can save you tons of money and extend limited resources into the future to make the world a better place for all.

How To Avoid A Home Improvement Contractor In Phoenix Catastrophe

The dictionary, as found online, defines catastrophe as a sudden and widespread disaster; any misfortune, mishap, or failure; fiasco; a final event or conclusion, usually an unfortunate one; a disastrous end. Simply put, it is something bad that we do not want to experience. When it comes to home rental and ownership, there are lots that can go wrong, even more if you have children. Broken water pipes, mold, artistic inevitability that a nice open wall invites, all are the things of home owners and renters nightmares. So much can happen that we buy insurance to protect against that awful inevitable disaster when the toilet, after its greatest effort, is unable to suck down the partial Barbie doll. We call a home improvement contractor in Phoenix when we face catastrophes, but we never think that the contractor could be just as much trouble as the water damage from that toilet.

Home Improvement Contractor In Phoenix

When catastrophic home failures occur, it is nice to know that there are a multitude of experts ready and willing to tackle your trouble in a timely manner. These professionals, you hope, have years of experience, good insurance, and a crew that will get your mess cleaned up in a timely manner. Yet, online reviews, friends, and coworkers all have nightmarish stories of poor quality repairs, over charging, and ridiculous project completion delays. The last thing a family of five with two teenagers needs is to have one of their two bathrooms out of action for six weeks while waiting on contractor delays. A home improvement contractor in Phoenix should never ever leave you in a predicament like that.

So, how to guarantee a pleasant, fairly priced and timely repair on your home or rental property? Well, a little research will go along way. On or off-line, asking around will reveal a good home improvement contractor in Phoenix. Look for an outfit that guarantees your satisfaction, that sticks to their quote, and that love to communicate and chances are you will find the kind of contractor that has both the skill and business acumen that will turn that bathroom catastrophe into a wonderful update to your house.

Stay away from a home improvement contractor in Phoenix that arrives late, appears disheveled, and can’t answer your questions in a reasonable fashion. Contractors that understand the business side of things will come prepared and will leave you with a good sense that they have it under control. Never shy away from asking for referrals or for pictures of completed work. The best contractors are proud of their work and they believe their service to be as much art as it is science. Whatever you do, if that catastrophe strikes, do not make it worse by choosing the wrong contractor.

From Concept To Creation — House Remodelers In Phoenix

To many the word “remodel” is equated with time consumption, frustration, and gobs and gobs of money. Remodeling can be complex and annoying, but it does not have to be. The really good house remodelers in Phoenix have figured out how to take your dreams and turn them in to reality for a price that is right and in a time frame you can live with. So, how do they take your home remodeling project from concept to creation in a way that leaves you happy to have gone through the project?

House Remodelers in Phoenix

Technology helps us so much these days, just think of the powerful tool most hold in their hands to make and receive calls. The capability of a smart phone today is vastly superior to the laptop computers of the mid-nineties! This is the first way that truly good house remodelers in Phoenix are able to keep on projects and get them done in the timeframe they have set with their clients. Scheduling tools allow home improvement specialists to track accomplishments, communicate with subcontractors, and field questions from clientele in an organized and timely manner. Without the computer, applications, and planning tools, scheduling and completion of projects would surely lag.

No amount of technology can replace good old fashioned work ethic and attention to detail. House remodelers in Phoenix, at least the really good ones, get their jobs done and they do them well. This means from the get go, they listen to customers’ wishes, dreams, and goals so they get accurately translated into an excellent remodel job that the customer is happy with and not some nightmare six month wait to have their house back. Attention to detail means that the job is not done until the all the boxes are checked and the work is completed above the standard of expectation.

In construction and remodeling, often there is a sense that you must be very careful or your contractor may take advantage of you. To feel safe having workers in your house and to feel that you are being charged a reasonable and correct amount for your remodeling job you have to have a company that values integrity above everything else. The best house remodelers in Phoenix pride themselves on their integrity and will leave you feeling good about the price you pay as well as the security of your home. Do your due diligence and find remodelers that can give you just what you want from concept to creation and you will be happy you decided to remodel your home.