What does it take to create a mold condition?
It takes three things, oxygen, food source such as plaster, drywall & water.

How soon should water be extracted after the leak?
As soon as possible. Usually within 24 hours.

Can you smell mold?
Yes, excessive mold can be smelled. Mold dogs can be specially trained to smell mold.

If mold is detected can the homeowner do the remedy?
If on a surface, you as the homeowner can just clean off the surface. When mold is found in the wall a professional should be consulted.

Is there an airborne danger when mold is disturbed?
Yes. When excessive mold is disturbed there is an airborne danger.

Do double pane windows make a difference in the value of your home?
Yes, one is the comfort of your home. Double pane windows with Low E & Argon gas will reduce the radiant heat through your window by 30 degrees approximately. Value, you will get back approximately 75% of your investment.

When did the technology change from single pane to Low E?
About 1992. Today there is Low E-2 which is a better engineered product.

What is the primary reason for changing out their existing windows & doors?
Sound is a primary reason. Better insulated windows cut down sound. Reduce the amount of your utility bill. Double pane windows are a better insulator.

Which is better, Arcadia Doors or French Doors?
Neither, it is purely a preference choice.

What makes a door secure?
Using the right type of door. Usually a solid wood or fiberglass door is preferred. Quality hardware, hinges & locksets.

How do you attack organizing the clutter of a garage that looks like the “stuff” was blown in?
Just make the decision to start. That is the important first step.

How do I get my garage organized? Where do I start?
Start in one section of the garage and allow plenty of time. It took a long time to get that way and it will take some time to clear up. Group items into categories such as sports, tools, seasonal and holiday décor, gardening supplies, off season items etc.

Should I consider hiring an organizer before I decide to add space onto my house?
Absolutely! If you need the expertise of someone professional to get your house in order let go of your ego & call. How could you access how much more space you need when you have so much stuff!

How do I take care of “The Pile Syndrome”?
The office supply stores have several products to help you organize your paperwork.

What are some of the things to keep in mind when deciding where to place the “stuff” you want to keep? Always leave a path for the mower and the sports equipment and stack wherever possible. Store out of season stuff out of your “prime real estate”. Keep the things you use frequently closest to you.