Pros And Cons Of A Home Addition In Phoenix

There comes a time when every homeowner looks at their home in its current state and must consider home addition in Phoenix. Not everything can last, and your home is no exception. In fact, quite often our home seems to deteriorate the quickest. Not only this, but often family sizes grow and what was once plenty of space is now cramped. Whether it is peeling paint or a lack of space in rooms, a good add on is sometimes the best solution.

A Home Addition In Phoenix

Let’s say your kitchen isn’t quite what it used to be and you have some money set aside to make the change. It is time to consider the pros and cons of home addition. For starters, the benefits to building a home addition in Phoenix are it raises your home’s value, is cheaper than the alternative, and lets your explore passion and creativity. A house’s value comes from what it has to offer and in what condition. So when you put the money in to spruce up the kitchen or add a movie room, it will show when you are trying to sell. They add a lot to a home’s value and in this economy that can mean a lot. This is obviously easier on the budget than trying to start from the ground up and moving homes. Moving homes isn’t cheap, so don’t abandon ship when a home starts to wear.

Now the cons to adding on to your home are surprisingly flip side of the positives. You risk adding on too much and struggling to sell your expensive home. Also, you will find that having construction done in your home does come with a few consequences, such as noise.

Lastly, no matter how you look at it, home addition in Phoenix will come with a few costs, but that doesn’t rule out all of the benefits!

Ways To Save On Home Improvement Costs In Phoenix

You want to remodel or just add a few upgrades to your home, but you don’t know what will fit within your budget. We can help you look at all your options and find ways to save on home improvement costs in Phoenix. We have a proven track record of adding what customers need, removing what they don’t want anymore, and simply making what’s there look better.

Home Improvement Costs In Phoenix

Home improvement costs in Phoenix can surprise you, and finding what you need or want can be difficult and irritating. You want an upgraded bathroom? Tile options alone can overwhelm you, and then you add tub and sink and fixture choices. How do you find your way through all the options? How do you know which upgrades are worth the cost? Who knows which trends are going to be short lived and which choices will still hold value in ten or twenty years?

You are a homeowner and you know your job well. We are home improvement experts, and knowing the answers to all those questions is our job, and we believe we do it really well. At Image Home Improvement, we can tell you which fixtures come with a warranty that guarantees your satisfaction, which tile will be out of style in a year, and whether that tub you love will fit in your bathroom and be comfortable to use.

We know that home improvement costs in Phoenix can curtail your dreams of having the home you want, so we will also coach you on which things you can save money on and which are worth the splurge. Your satisfaction is our biggest concern, and we will do whatever we can to make sure you like the end product. Take the time to browse our “Our Work” gallery and see what we have done for others, then give us a call.

Reasons For A Kitchen Remodel In Phoenix

As you walk around your home, you may ask yourself, “Is it time for a kitchen remodel in Phoenix?” Well, if you notice that your home matches these conditions, it may be time. To begin, look at the deterioration of your home. It may not match that same sparkle that it had when it was brand new, but you can get close!

Kitchen Remodel In Phoenix

When you notice that tiles are cracking, paint is peeling, doors are creaking, and your appliances are outdated, you may want to update your kitchen. Another main reason that people go for a kitchen remodel in their homes is to fit more people. It isn’t uncommon for a newlywed couple to move into a cozy home, then find they struggling to find space to accommodate children. If you see that more storage or spots at the table are needed, then a kitchen remodel in Phoenix is a great investment.

Another reason that is getting more and more popular is for saving energy. Adding a sky light or solar panels can conserve energy and save money. Lastly, sometimes a change is just needed. Perhaps you have always looked at the backdoor and wanted to attach a deck to the side of your home. Or you’ve dreamed of having a kitchen that can adequately serve several guests.

The reasons for wanting a kitchen remodel are endless, but they all benefit the homeowner by raising your home’s overall value. So even if you are about to sell your home, a change in the kitchen can be a good thing. A recent study revealed that a kitchen remodel can return 86% of its cost upon resale, which is an outstanding rate of return. So, if you are considering a kitchen remodel in Phoenix, see if you can relate to the reasons listed!

Home Improvement Costs In Phoenix Vs. Value

We all want to spend money on something that will last, which is why it is important to know which home improvement costs in Phoenix will leave you with the highest home value! Ideally, we want to sell our house for the highest price possible, but that can only be achieved if the house is constantly undergoing upkeep and renovation projects.

Home Improvement Costs In Phoenix

Now this is dependent on many factors such as value of houses around you, the market, where and when you sell and the quality of the home improvement costs in Phoenix that you choose to go with. This sounds more complicated on paper, but is actually more simple than it may sound. For example, a fresh coat of paint or a refurnished layer of flooring will boost your home’s value.

Another misconception that homeowners have, is that if they put $50,000 into improving their home, it won’t necessarily add $50,000 to your home’s value. It does increase its value to a degree, but that translates very differently. If you want to upgrade your home, while adding as much value as possible to your home, then seriously consider home improvement costs in Phoenix.

Some of the best 3 things you can do for your home’s value includes: bath, kitchen, and home maintenance. Kitchens are great places to start because they are often the most expensive in terms of construction, and they are where people spend a lot of their time. Next is to consider remodeling a bathroom. If your home only has one bathroom, use that remodel budget and build a second bathroom! Lastly, is to upgrade your home through the basic functions that we take for granted. That means spending on roofs, floors, paint jobs, gutters, sewage lines and such. No one will buy a home with maintenance problems, no matter how fancy the kitchen is. So take the time to invest in your home and raise your home’s value with home improvement costs in Phoenix.

The Right Way To Hire Home Remodeling Contractors In Phoenix

Picking the right home remodeling contractors in Phoenix will ensure there are no surprises with your next project. There are plenty of ways to go about hiring someone, and far too often do people just flip through a phonebook and pick the best price. Well when you do this, you risk paying for a service that will insufficiently do the job, and leave your home worse off.

Home Remodeling Contractors In Phoenix

Hiring a home remodeling contractor in Phoenix is tough because you are paying a lot of money for a service that will alter your home. There is so much room for mistakes, and often times, problems can arise that aren’t even the contractors fault. Problems like molded subfloors and dangerous wiring can halt or delay a project. So the best way to avoid any unexpected surprises is to do the planning beforehand. Start by getting the right business on the phone. By calling, getting an estimated price, and learning about the company’s work ethic, you can learn enough to convince you.

If no company really stands out to you, then look at other factors. Going off of referrals and reviews is a valid method of comparing companies, but that does block out any smaller companies that don’t have the experience. The other part of planning is the research for you. Educating yourself on home improvement basics and what your project will include will help keep your house looking good. Knowing what permits and regulations are followed for your remodeling project are important because if the job is being done poorly or lazily, you can identify it and bring it up with your contractor. Otherwise, you are left hoping that the home remodeling contractors in Phoenix are charging the appropriate price for the job that you hope was done correctly.

Only The Best Home Contractors Near Me

We all grow attached to our homes over time, so it makes sense to want only the best home contractors near me. When your house needs remodeling or other improvement work done, you want an expert. Our homes are a relatively private place, and it can be a real discomfort to some people to let just anyone come and work on their house. They want assurance that when they ask for the best home contractor near me, they will receive reliable help.

Home Contractors Near Me

Now there is an easy way to tell if the contractor near you is your best option. When you combine convenience and expertise, you get a hardworking business that puts the customer first. If a business sees you as a one-time project, there will be no repeat business or reason to leave you satisfied with their work. When a company can view you as an opportunity to establish a friendship and a business partner, then goals can be reached and with the highest chance of satisfaction.

Now as much as we would like to all enjoy these services, they can’t reach everyone. This is why we often choose the option that is the closest to us. Now if you need anything from a kitchen remodel to a garage door installation, there are a lot of different places to turn to. However, instead of flipping through the phone book to find a service for every need, why not have one service that can help in any part of home repair. That includes any and all of your home’s electrical, plumbing, and painting needs. Believe it or not, this type of blanket service exists in the form of home improvement contractors that work to make your house a home. So when it comes to customer satisfaction and quality construction services, just think, “what makes the best home contractors near me?”

Be Wise With Home Improvement In Phoenix

There are countless ways to add value to your house through home improvement in Phoenix, but knowing how to maximize your house’s value when you leave is another thing. So, when deciding which area of your home to improve, it’s a good idea to start with planning. Setting up a priority list is a good idea to see which needs doing first.

Home Improvement In Phoenix

After you decide which home improvement in Phoenix will benefit you the most, decide whether you can manage it yourself or will need the help of an expert. If you can manage to do the installation without the help, you can save some cash. But if you don’t feel comfortable taking on that scale of a project, there is no shame in calling for help!

After you decide on that, consider the price of each change. If fixing up the kitchen is too expensive for your budget, either try cheaper methods, save and do it later, or move to the next option on your list. This ensures that you are aware of your options and allows for an informed decision. When planning and preparation goes into a home improvement project, you are much more likely to succeed without stress or additional costs.

Next is to identify which home improvements in Phoenix will increase your home’s resale value. If you ever plan on selling your home, you must be aware of the value changes you make to your home. Maybe you love the pink tile in the bathroom, but that could decrease your home’s value.

So now that you know which factors to look for, you can compare your options. You want your home to look and feel like home. So let your home improvement in Phoenix be the change that makes you feel at home.